Accelerate your growth by systemizing your sales processes

It’s a simple and solid foundation to propel your growth

A simple and powerful CRM with 4 essential applications

Centralization of contacts and communications

History and information is easy to find. Stored on a secure database hosted in Canada.

Sales pipeline and opportunities management

Simple to set up and makes measurement easy. Integrated emails and powerful, streamlined templates.

Sending personalized email campaigns

Predict, plan, and increase your productivity. It’s a foundational structure to build your sales system.

Sales and marketing activities automation

Eliminate certain tasks to keep your teams engaged. It’s a simple, reliable and powerful engine that works for you.

Who is CentrixOne for?

SME's Women Meeting - CRM

5 to 50 sales reps
CRM for SMEs

Rely on a solid management tool to manage and coach your sales teams. CentrixOne helps you structure, systematize and automate your processes, with visibility and access control.

Small business meeting - CRM

1 to 5 sales reps
CRM for small businesses

Create clear processes and structure sales operations to increase the effectiveness of your salespeople. CentrixOne automates many tasks to support your growth.

New business - CRM

CRM for new businesses

Get better organized to grow your business by centralizing your contacts and opportunities. CentrixOne provides a simple and intuitive structure to create and track your opportunities without missing a beat.

Simple and powerful features

Live pipeline

Track your sales activities at a glance. Update your opportunities by dragging them to the next stage.

Contact history

View the complete history of your interactions with your leads and customers (calls, emails, meetings, notes, sales), all in one place.

Alerts and reminders

Never miss your follow-ups again. Schedule your activities to be notified about the tasks you need to complete, when you need to complete them.

Web forms

Capture the information provided by your prospects through your website. Their data is automatically integrated into the CRM’s customer cards.

Lead segmentation

Evaluate, classify, and filter your leads to know where to best invest your effort. Create lists and send personalized communications.

Reports and tables

Start enjoying your weekend earlier. Get your reports and forecasts in real time so that you can take action and communicate on the spot.

Grow your sales in 4 steps

CRM Centrixone Image Contacts

Centralize your data
Eliminate Excel files and lost information

Create a secure database with ease, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Edit the table view to create a custom view with the desired fields.


CRM Centrixone Image Opportunities

Create your sales opportunities
Structure your processes to move your pipeline forward

Import your leads from forms and emails, or enter them manually. Enter your products, services, and prices related to each opportunity.

Create reminders to follow up at the right time.


CRM Centrixone Image Automations

Automate your processes
Delegate repetitive tasks to your CRM

Schedule actions to respond to your leads as soon as they contact you and assign them to a representative on the spot.

Automate your personalized marketing campaigns to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time.


CRM Centrixone Image SMS

Call and text directly from the customer file

Text messaging keeps text history in CentrixOne to make sure you don't miss a beat.

Outbound telephony makes it possible to supervise follow-ups and record conversations.


An engine of growth for several industries

CentrixOne currently operates in 17 different industries, and its mission is to propel the growth of SMEs by helping them to structure and systematize their sales processes.

CentrixOne continuously collaborates with its customers and develops versions tailored specifically to their industries.

An attractive interface your team will want to use

CentrixOne was designed to please. It features intuitive color codes and is visually well-designed to delight users.

CRM CentrixOne background SMS

Text message your leads and customers to keep them engaged

Capture your leads’ attention as soon as they show interest and text with them wherever they go. Your customers shop and communicate in the same mode: multitask and multichannel. Adapt your communications to catch them on the fly.

  • Connect with the “text generation”... and get replies
  • Respond instantly by SMS to info requests from your website
  • Provide simple, fast and efficient customer service to foster loyalty
  • Keep a record of all SMS communications in your CRM to support governance practices
CRM Centrixone Icon Canada Beaver Mobile

CentrixOne: Proudly Canadian

CentrixOne is proud of its local talent and Canadian roots. Our goal is to support and fuel the growth of SMBs in French and English.

  • Based in the Greater Montreal area, Quebec
  • Supporting businesses in Canada and USA
  • All data is protected and stored in Canada
CentrixOne Academy website interface

CentrixOne Academy
We grow with you

Get around-the-clock, 24/7 support. What's more: our expert coaching services are tailored to your company's needs and processes.

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